Napp Summer Guide

Everything you need to make this summer a smashing Hit


We are proud to announce the launch of our Napp Summer Guide. - equipping our sitters with knowledge, resources, and activities that will leave your kiddos begging for their next #napptime and thanking you welcome a Napp sitter to mix

Join us in welcoming Ginger to the family!


“Our mom community at Sweaty Mommy Survival knows how easy it is for mothers of newborns and toddlers to get out of routine with their favorite form of fitness. We've been there! You're feeling pulled in 25 directions and spend far too long staring at a calendar trying to fit everything in! You eventually default into "survival mode," lose motivation to figure out a schedule that works, and your health becomes the lowest priority on the to-do list.“ - ERIN

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The Kettlemate ™ Family


By backing this Kickstarter campaign, you get to order the first Kettlemate ™ AND be the first to hear about a future line up of family-oriented products centered around helping parents establish healthy habits at home and on the go! 

Based on initial excitement about the Kettlemate™ , Erin began collaborating with other moms (and dads!) to create prototypes of an entire line of family-oriented workout guides, sensory stations, skill development charts and goal trackers. This game-changing original product line of “mommy & me" toys and games includes an entire line of plush fitness toys, travel games, books, and activity boxes. 


We just contributed, join us!