Napp Sitter & Family


As a Napp sitter or family, you are responsible for adhering to the standards below during each and every #napptime

We pride ourselves on being the most trusted network in childcare, here’s how:

Before Your Gig

  • Sitters

    • Review all details listed for each gig, this includes, address, family names, pets, allergies and notes for each child, 

    • Text your family 24 hours ahead of the gig and say, "Hi this is [name], your Napp sitter! I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! Please let me know if there is anything I should know ahead of time not listed in the Napp app."

  • Families

    • Post important details in the notes section of your gig for sitters to review ahead of time. Illness, unknown end time, and driving needs are all good examples of what might go into the note section of your gig.

    • Clarify if it’s just your kids or extra children, if you have extra children on this occasion, adjust your rate. Click here to review Napp’s suggested rates (LINK TO SUGGESTED RATES)

Upon Arrival


  • Be on time and clock in at the confirmed start of your gig. If you arrive early, you still must clock in at the agreed upon time. 

  • Introduce yourself! Offer a hand to shake, smile and a warm hello to the children by addressing them by name (reminder, their names are listed in the Napp app!)

  • Engage the children immediately. Let them know you are happy to be there and are there for them. Families will most likely step in and give you the rundown and confirm schedule. 


  • Communication is key! Walk your sitter through your preferred method of care, details of the gig, children’s needs, household rules and preferences so that your sitter knows what to expect. 

  • Give a house tour. Take the time to walk your sitter through your space and show them how stuff works - the lights, the alarm, the TV, etc.  If there are things you want them NOT to use, please make this clear. 

  • Remind your sitter when you will be back. If you are looking for flexibility on the end of your Napp time, confirm that will work for your sitter. 

On The Clock


  • Go the extra mile! Do the dishes, pick up toys, fold the throw blankets, straighten the pillows, push in the dining room chairs, empty the trash, etc. These things take so little time and make a world of difference for parents coming home to tidy home.

  • Families feel more secure and love when you send them pictures of their kids having a fun time with you. If it’s safe to do while watching the children, snap a photo or take selfie and text it to the family, it makes them feel happy that you are there enjoying your time and so are the children.

  • Be fun, engaging and memorable. Remember that you are here for the children. If they are excited about you and happy that you are there, the family will be too and are likely to book you again. 


  • Relax and enjoy your time away! Trust that your children are in good hands within the Napp network. 

  • Check-in once throughout the gig and remind the sitter to let you know if they have any concerns or questions. 

  • Don’t be late without warning. Sitters are expecting you home at a specific time. If that changes, call or text and confirm that will work with their schedules. Things happen! But remember that the sitter has a life too. 

At The End of your Gig


  • Engage the parents upon their arrival home. Ask how their night went and then give then a run down of your time with their children: Who was super well behaved? Did everyone eat okay? Did everyone go to sleep okay? What did you do? Any TV time? Families really appreciate a full and honest report.

  • Clock out of the gig as soon as you have left the house.  If you waited or forgot, scroll the time back so that it’s accurate. 


  • Ask your sitter questions to get the full picture of your time away. If you want specifics, ask for them. 

  • Thank them for their time and confirm they safely get to their car or way home. 

After Your Gig

Families & Sitters 

  • All payments will take place automatically through the app upon clock out and you will receive a receipt in your email inbox. Payouts will take 1-2 days to complete. 

  • Please leave an honest review and rating for your #napptime experience. Click HERE (link to our new review language) to reference our review guidelines. 

  • Connect with your sitter or family on the Napp app, these connections help other families and sitters feel safe and secure when booking their next gig. 

  • Remember that anyone you meet through the Napp network is required to book you through Napp. We want you to build relationships and find families and sitters that you love, but remind you that any relationships developed through Napp and then continued off the app, are cause for termination from the Napp network. 

Most importantly, enjoy your #napptime!