We pride ourselves on being the best sitters in Charm City, here’s how:

(As a Napp Sitter you are responsible for adhering the guidelines below on each and every #NAPPTIME!)

Before your gig:

  • View all details listed for each gig

  • Check specific location so you can plan accordingly

  • Review names and any allergies or special notes for each child

  • Text the family to check in... "Hi this is [name], your Napp sitter! I am excited to meet you this Friday!"

When you arrive:

  • Clock in at the appropriate time. You will be reminded 15 minutes prior to the gig start time BUT this does not mean clock in 15 minutes early every time! Please be conscious to scroll the start time to when the gig is supposed to begin

  • Offer a hand to shake, smile and say hello to the kiddos (remember their names--they’re in the app for a reason!

  • You are there for the kids! Engage them: “So what are we going to do today?!” Parents will most likely step in and give you the rundown and confirm schedule: “We’ll see you back at 6!“

  • This gives parents a chance to ask if you have any flexibility. If you’re flexible, awesome! If not, let them know: “Would you mind being prompt? I have somewhere to be at 7:00 and want to make sure to have time to let you know how everything went!“

On the clock:

  • DO THE DISHES - do not leave dishes in the sink. It takes two seconds and makes a world of difference for parents coming home to a clean kitchen. Kids often like helping too, just lay out a towel! If you are uncertain where to put something, leave on counter. If you aren't sure if dishwasher is clean or dirty-- go old school and wash and dry the dishes yourself!  This always goes a very long way!

  • Selfies! Pictures! Parents love when you send them pictures :) it makes them feel secure especially with a new sitter!

  • Remember that you are here for the kids. Kids LOVE having sitters and if they are excited about you, the parents will be. Be fun, engaging and memorable. The ids review is what matters most!

  • TV - a little tv is okay every now and then but generally, unless otherwise mentioned, you are being paid to play and engage with the children and there isn't much need for tv

  • If the trash is overflowing or even just pretty full and you can figure out where it goes, take it out and stick a fresh bag in! This also makes a huge difference and is a very easy service add

  • Tidy EVERYTHING. You can always make something look neater. If you don’t know where something goes, have it organized in a corner or neatly sitting somewhere they can easily put it away

Wrapping up:

  • Date night sitters: engage the parents--ask how their night went

  • Give a run down of the evening: who had a meltdown? Who was super well behaved? Did everyone eat okay? Everyone go down okay? What did you do? Any tv time? Be honest! Parents really appreciate a full report

  • Clock out at the appropriate time. If you waited or forgot, scroll the time back! 

  • Leave an honest review and rating for your #napptime experience. Even though they are not currently visible it helps us learn what we need to address with each member! 

  • Keep your Napp relationship going! After you clock out, send a connection request to the family -- this helps other families feel safe and secure when booking you!

After your gig:

  • Anyone you meet on Napp should always book you through Napp. We love the idea of people having favorite/regular sitters and building relationships. Please just kindly let them know that you would be happy to sit for them and you will request their gig on the app. Please let us know if there are any issues with this!

  • *Please note: all payments will take place automatically through the app. If you are a first time Napper and completing your first gig, your first payout will take 7-10 business days just so your sending bank account can be verified. Don’t panic, it’s on its way! After your first gig, payouts will speed up to 1-2 days for all credit transactions. We are working to move all our families to credit transactions, but for those that have a connected bank account, this may up to 5 business days.*

Most importantly, enjoy your #napptime!