What’s New for Napp Sitters

Check out all thing new to the app and our network!

Our newest update:

  • $$ BONUSES ARE HERE! Families now have the ability to repost a gig with an added bonus JUST FOR YOU! Families will only have this option upon receiving a cancellation from a sitter within less than 72 hours notice. Each bonus amount will be shown when you click into the Gig Details. Please be sure to take note of our cancellation policy (which can be found below and in the app under Napp Notes)!

  • Midnight time selection bug has been fixed! We do apologize for the unexpected issue we hit in our latest update but you can now add availability an request gigs past midnight, yay!

  • Eastern Shore locations: Families will now be required to add their locations in the notes so you can easily see where they’ll be

  • Sitter contact information added: You can now directly reach your sitter by selecting ‘Contact’ in the gig details screen of your booking


  • Cancellations: Just a reminder of our cancellation policy, please be aware you will be receiving a Venmo request for any gig that is cancelled within 72 hours unless discussed otherwise (policy details can be found in the Napp Notes section within the app).We will be enhancing our cancellation procedures in the app — exciting details below! — so it is important that we are all adhering to this structure moving forward. If you think there is any possibility you will not be able to make the gig work, please do not request it, there are dozens of other sitters requesting who would like to take the job if you can’t!

  • Family contact: Another kind reminder that we do require you please send each family a text once your booking has been confirmed, they really do appreciate hearing from you first and we value this as a unique and comforting part of our process.