What’s New for our Napp Families

Check out all thing new to the app and our network!

Our Newest Update:

  • Automatic gig repost if a sitter cancels: You will now be able to repost your gig with an added bonus to sitters for last minute coverage for any gig that is cancelled by your sitter with less than 72 hours notice. We will be charging sitters for cancellations within this window and adding that fee as a bonus for a new sitter to quickly grab! The app will prompt you to repost this gig once you select that you have been cancelled on and automatically inform the sitter of the added bonus so we can entice and quick and seamless re-booking!

  • Midnight time selection bug has been fixed! We do apologize for the unexpected issue we hit in our latest update when requesting and posting times past midnight. We have addressed and fixed this issue, yay! We do apologize but will be adding this new feature as a forced update this week to eliminate any confusion, thank you for your patience!

  • Eastern Shore locations: you will know be prompted to place your address in the ‘Notes’ section of your gig when posting an Eastern Shore job so sitters can easily know where you’ll be and submit their requests

  • Promo & Gift Cards: you can now select ‘Gift card or Promo Code’ and place your code in the field provided for quick and easy management of all payment discounts (discounts will not reflect in the app immediately but charges will be processed accordingly!)

  • Cancellation process enhancement: you can now select which user is initiating the cancellation of a gig so we no longer have to bug you via text or email to check in ;) If you are cancelling the gig select ‘I Am,’ if you sitter is cancelling, select ‘Sitter’ so we can be sure to immediately take the appropriate action

  • Sitter contact information added: you can now directly reach your sitter by selecting ‘Contact’ in the gig details screen of your booking