Founded by two Baltimore nannies, Napp knows what you need.


Having worked for over the last decade as sitters and nannies in Baltimore, Claire and Katie have a unique industry perspective, providing users with a customized and desirable platform for finding local childcare.

Napp is here to help YOU catch a break. For years, we have been helping parents find ways to accommodate their busy schedules through connecting our friends and local sitters with those in need. For us, we knew we always wanted to help families find quality help, it's an amazing feeling to know that kids have requested your presence on a Friday night. However, as busy sitters, we couldn't always make it to every family in need, so we started suggesting our friends. Connecting dot after dot,  we thought why not find a way to make our network public so parents can find local help, fast. 

Napp is a community. 

Whether you totally forgot you had "that thing" tonight or your sitter canceled last minute, we've got you covered. We know that for both families and sitters, it's hard to plan ahead, so let us help. Through exclusive mutual social connections, recent bookings, and in app reviews, we'll have you covered in no time. 

So, now its your turn.

Take a napp...we know you need one.